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The catering services that you need for your next event are here with us at Catering Craft. We offer the leading options in San Diego, and we know exactly how to handle any type of food preparation or presentation requirement.

For any event, no matter how big or small you need us to get the job done! We’ve been in this service catering business in San Diego for many years and we will take care of anything that comes up.

With our state-of-the-art service catering system in San Diego, we are confident that you will be able to satisfy all your event needs.

What are people saying about caterers' services in San Diego, CA?

Event Catering is a great choice for your next event. The food was delicious and they had an amazing staff who showed up early to set everything up. For your beverage service in San Diego CA, Events catering works with you to create custom menus for your private events, family-style dinners, corporate events, and social events including an all-inclusive wedding package.

Every time I heard someone mention how good the food was at my event, they were talking about you! It’s clear that everyone had a wonderful experience and can’t wait to come back for more.

What are the 3 types of catering?

Experienced caterers are a valuable asset to any event. They not only provide food and service but also help create an ambiance that will make your guests enjoy themselves throughout the night.

The magic of a party is an outcome of unified approaches. These adornments continuously add essence to the glamor quotient in events that are graced with their presence, catering includes other responsibilities such as decorations, lights, music table arrangements- all designed for you.


Event catering is an essential part of any celebration. It can be difficult to find the perfect caterer for your needs, but there are three main types that you should know about:

1. Restaurant/Hotel Caterers

When a hotel or restaurant wants to host an event, they work with caterers who are able enough not only to prepare the food but also provide other services such as menu design and arrangements. The intermediaries take on the duty of sourcing staff members for this occasion while maintaining deliverables throughout it all.

2. Delivery/Mobile catering

This type of catering is often the most affordable option for your event. The foods are delivered on-site and you don’t need any special equipment or knowledge to prepare them.

The catering service is perfect for those who have a set budget. They can prepare the menu based on predetermined plans as specified by you, then deliver it right to your door.

3. Private full-service caterers

These private event caterers are a unique breed of business, as they operate and provide services only to clients that hire them for specific events. The experiences you’ll receive from working with this company will be unmatched in comparison.

Private catering can be a daunting task for those who are not familiar with the process. It is important, however, to ensure that your own plans follow suit and adapt based on what you know best-the customer’s expectations.

How do I choose the best catering service?

Food is one of the most important aspects of any event, and finding San Diego catering companies that will suit your needs can be tricky. Make sure you find someone who has great food at an excellent price point.

Hiring the best catering companies is not something that should be taken lightly. You need to ensure you’re getting what your event deserves and look out for any red flags during the hiring process, such as bad reviews or inexperienced cooks in order to get this right.

According to Leslie Truex [1]:

The journey to a successful catering business starts with putting in the time and effort. You need some skills, determination, and grace under pressure – but most importantly love for what you do.


In order to find the best catering San Diego county company for your next event, here are seven tips that you should take into account.

1. Schedule a Tasting

You can’t just take someone else’s word for it when they say that their caterer is the best in town. A tasting will let you experience first-hand how good this food tastes, so make sure to schedule one before your big event.

2. Check Reviews and References

Check references and reviews before committing to any catering service. It is important that you seek out the opinion of others who have used this caterer in order for your decision-making process to be as informed and accurate as possible. Ensure that not all feedback from these people is positive because they might just come across as honest souls.

3. Know the Venue

You might think that a caterer who has never worked in your event space is not as knowledgeable about what will work best for you, but they should know better than to take on something like this. They are familiar with how other events have been hosted there before so if anything goes wrong it’ll be an easy fix thanks to their experience.

4. Look for Flexibility

The kitchen is an environment full of creativity and culinary magic, but sometimes even the best chefs can hesitate when asked to adapt their dishes for events. Your catering company must be willing to work with you collaboratively so that your wants are met while also maintaining quality control over what they’re preparing – this way everyone wins.

5. Consider Your Situation

You’ve got a lot to consider when it comes time for you and your guests (or clients) to get together. You need something that will suit the size, theme, or vibe of the event better than any other catering company out there- but also ensure quality service with every bite.

6. Ask For Certifications

It’s important to ask for certification before choosing a catering company. Be sure that the staff you choose has up-to-date credentials and acceptable practices in food safety, hygiene, or other related fields.

7. Go With Your Gut

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the decision of which caterer to choose, just go with your gut. Don’t think too much about it and remember that this is a choice for which there will only be one winner.

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If you need an event catering company in San Diego, Event Catering Company is your best option. They’re professional and accomplished.

Event Catering is a company that has been in the foodservice industry in San Diego CA for years and can cater for any event with world-class cuisine with outstanding service. They have an unmatched passion when it comes to their work, which makes them perfect candidates if you’re looking for someone who will go above and beyond your expectations.

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